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 If given a chance, we all have the power to heal ourselves. Maybe you are tired of stop/start health and wellness habits, or perhaps you feel stuck and overwhelmed by food choices that no longer serve you but have no idea where or how to make a change. Change is not only hard; it can be lonely. With a bit of knowledge, guidance, and support, anything is possible. If you are willing to work hard and commit to your own healing and transformation, I can’t wait to work with you. You’re in the right place!

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My services are a blend of integrative nutritional guidance, deep healing, and 15 years worth experience

As a mentor and Health Coach, I’ll carefully listen to you and navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice with you to explore what truly suits you.

Integrative Nutrition

As a Certified Health Coach and Integrative Nutritionist, I’ll guide you in discovering how to find what’s healthiest for your body.

Meditation Sessions

I offer meditation sessions as a regular part of the six-month program or a la carte for individuals who seek a personal meditation guide.


Explore joyful, mindful movement in either a private yoga session based on your schedule or as part of the 6-month program. Marybeth is a 200-hour Power Vinyasa certified by the Yoga Alliance.


If desired, Marybeth is certified to refer and work with medical professionals to facilitate your health and wellness goals.

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Evolve and Grow – A Virtual Wellness Space

When the concept of this website came together, I envisioned a space where visitors could interact and discover resources. My inspiration revolves around (what I initially misspelled) “whole-istic” health and wellness with nutrition at the core. That vision evolved. Turns out there’s more to good living than kale and kombucha. This is a space that embraces a modern approach to health care in which we celebrate the whole person – mind, body, and soul. Within this space is a new dynamic that focuses away from the “professional” as the all-knowing expert and refocuses on empowering you! 

We are all our own best healers. 

We are also better together. 

Community is crucial. 

Community creates more accountability and accessibility.

This space is still growing and evolving. I hope this never stops! Here you will find information on working with me to collaborate and manifest your vision for your brightest, healthiest existence.  Also, the knowledge and tools to begin learning and integrating small changes help you create a whole new way of living. Whether it’s building a yoga practice, practical nutrition assistance, or guided breathing and meditation, my intention is to serve you in creating everlasting transformation.


A family friend recommended Marybeth to me. She’d been taking yoga classes from her for a while and now, I do too. Extremely relaxing and calming atmosphere.

– Amy

I connected with her for meditation. Her sessions have helped me through with my suppressed anger and depression.

– Erin

I’d been too worried about my eating choices, but with Marybeth, I know now all’s not as healthy as it looks.

– Kaleb

I have found Marybeth to be extremely knowledgeable when it comes to guiding me on my health problems. She has a compassionate heart and actually listens.

– Lynn